Many people have the luxury of choosing what to eat every day, yet few realize how much impact those choices have on their own health, not to mention the health of the world. The NEW Health Club is the place to find both a basic overview and an encyclopedia of supporting resources on why and how all kinds of people from all over the world are choosing to EAT their way to health with plant-based foods.


Hi! We’re Julie and Philip – just two of millions people who intentionally don’t eat animals (or their by-products). Philip did it for his health. Julie did it for the environment. It was easy for Philip and hard for Julie.  In short, like most people who embark on this journey, we came at it for our own reasons, in our own time, and in our own way.


We started our vegan journey the way most people do. But while Philip lost weight and lowered his cholesterol without medication, Julie gained weight and developed chronic fatigue. Doctors didn't know what was wrong and all her tests came back normal, so we rolled up our sleeves and learned plant-based nutrition.


We are honored to create this virtual gathering of experts and organizations whose messages are all same: EAT PLANTS. Whether their focus is on eating for personal health, for countless others whose lives are impacted by our food choices or for the benefit of future generations, every expert on this site has been vetted for plant-purity.


Drawn from carefully vetted resources, hundreds of which are accessible through the resources tab, these three steps answer the questions of what, how and why millions of people are backing off the animal products.
















RESOURCE RATINGS Throughout the site you'll find red, yellow and green versions of our logo, based on the food rating system in STEP 1. These icons may be used to rate foods based on whether we should avoid (RED-RATED), limit (YELLOW-RATED) or enjoy them (GREEN-RATED). OR the icons may be used to rate other types of resources. We did this because although every website and expert we recommend is GREEN-RATED, we've also included some resources that are not. For instance, you’ll find some excellent articles and videos from mainstream media outlets whose day-to-day messaging may or may not be based on trustworthy science. In such cases, you’ll see a tri-color rating that looks like our logo.




WORD CLOUDS Many of the resource pages have word clouds to help users quickly locate pages of interest.



















Finally, You’ll notice opportunities throughout the site to share this information on social media, offer us your feedback and suggest your own resources. We are grateful for all forms of participation and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Namaste.




Food can either harm, help or heal. See what the evidence says about YOUR daily intake.



Health food isn't all salads. Find NEW foods that taste great and fill you up, too.


CAUTION: The NEW Health Club promotes a lifestyle that naturally reverses numerous health conditions. If you are currently taking medications, make sure to talk to your doc before making major changes to your diet.

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