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Building our diets around GREEN-RATED foods is the most effective way to reduce our exposure to toxins. While buying organic foods is certainly preferable, understanding where toxins originate and reside is equally important, especially if buying organic is a financial burden. Toxins are stored in body fat, including the fat in meat, dairy, fish and eggs.  They originate from the herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed on animal feed and also end up in waterways that contaminate fish and shellfish. The best way to protect ourselves from toxins is to stop consuming RED-RATED foods, and purchase all your food from resources you trust.


Bioaccumulation / Biomagnification Effects

Get an overview of how toxins magnify in the food chain.

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Dioxins and their effects on human health

Learn how dioxin accumulates in the fatty tissue of animals.

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EFSA opinion on two environmental pollutants present in food

See how certain seafoods are particularly dangerous.

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Other Meat Concerns: Antibiotics, Hormones and Toxins

Find out how toxins accumulate in livestock.

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Food Sources of Perfluorochemicals

Find out which foods are the worst offenders.

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Industrial Carcinogens in Animal Fat

See studies linking the industrial toxins in animal fats to a laundry list of diseases.

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CAUTION: The NEW Health Club promotes a lifestyle that naturally reverses numerous health conditions. If you are currently taking medications, make sure to talk to your doc before making major changes to your diet.

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