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Our son was a toddler and we were professional artists when our plant-eating journey began back in 2003.


Philip's doctor kept pushing him to take drugs for high cholesterol, but Philip refused. His quest for a dietary solution led him down rabbit holes for months... until a vegan diet brought Philip's cholesterol 100 points back down to health.


Julie had no health issues at the time, but decided to tag along. Her transition was harder. Personal battles with weight loss had left her leery of any type of dietary deprivation and the cravings were hard to ignore. Although Philip had changed overnight, it took Julie about two years to get all the animals out of her diet.


But by 2012, Julie's health was failing. Doctors couldn't explain her chronic exhaustion, neurological symptoms and weight gain. It turned out the processed vegan food was to blame.


Once again we had to seek out information we could trust. Thank goodness for plant-based nutrition experts. As hard as they were to find, their message was pretty simple: Eat unrefined plant foods and supplement with vitamins B12 and D.


We had never been big into junk food, but the fake meats and cheeses had done a number on Julie. As soon as she quit them and started the supplements, we were both feeling better than ever.


We've been determined to make it easier for others to go plant-based ever since.

CAUTION: The NEW Health Club promotes a lifestyle that naturally reverses numerous health conditions. If you are currently taking medications, make sure to talk to your doc before making major changes to your diet.

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