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GREEN-RATED diets protect wildlife and biodiversity in several ways. Meat and dairy products that come from factory farms are fed grains and legumes from monoculture farms that pollute land and waterways. Even if they aren't grown organically, plant-based alternatives create less than one tenth the threat to local wildlife because there is no calorie conversion loss. In addition, federal governments kill millions of "predators" and "pests" each year to protect the profits of ranchers. Countless species are driven from their homes to make way for free-range and grass-fed meats, as well as plant-based products that are common junk food ingredients. The best way to stop these practices is to stop consuming RED-RATED foods and share this information.



Living Planet Report

Learn about global species decline and how you can help.

click to access this World Wildlife Fund report overview in a new tab

General situation of world fish stocks

Review a report estimating global fishing by-catch at 40 million tons per year.

click to access this FAO report overview in a new tab

Cattle grazing and the loss of biodiversity in the East Bay

Read about a well-documented history of negative impacts.

click to access this Center for Biological Diversity report in a new tab


Check out this impressive collection of data visualizations and campaigns.

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Earth is on its way to the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs,...

See how the RED-RATED diet is largely to blame.

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Time to Take Extinction Off Our Plates

Find out about the insatiable appetite of the beef industry.

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Commercial Fishing: How Fish Get... to Your Supermarket

Understand how common fishing practices can cause so much harm.

click to access this Peta link in a new tab

Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

Learn about a meta-analysis of human impacts.

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Overfishing Leaves Swaths of Mediterranean Barren

See evidence that "sustainable" fishing isn't.

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Big fish stocks fall 90%

Read how industrial fishing is driving the trend.

click to access this National Geographic link in a new tab

The Brazilian rainforest : Caught between biodiversity and business

Read about the forces driving the destruction.

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America's Wildlife Body Count

Take a look at which and how many animals the government kills for ranchers.

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The US government votes to slaughter 45,000 wild horses...

See which side makes sense to you.

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The Wildlife and Food Connection: What You Need to Know

See how clearing forests for livestock and their food destroys habitats.

click to access this World Wildlife Fund video in a new tab                                    2 MINUTES

Grinding Nemo - a film about fish meal

Find out how farmed prawns and salmon impact ecosystems.

click to access this Naturskyddsföreningen video in a new tab                              7 MINUTES

Earth already in midst of sixth mass extinction, scientists say...

Get a video summary of the problem and its causes.

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Livestock and the Sixth Mass Extinction

Watch Dr. Ochoa explain the science.

click to access this Meat Your Future video in a new tab                                       8 MINUTES

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