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Building our diets around GREEN-RATED foods is the most effective way to keep our waterways safe and clean. 98% of meat and dairy products come from factory farms, whose waste is virtually unregulated. As a result, dangerous levels of pathogens and antibiotics often end up in nearby waterways.  Like consumers of junk food, these animals eat conventionally grown corn and soybeans, which are genetically modified to resist heavy applications of persistent toxic herbicides. The resulting problems with runoff are well-documented. The best way to stop these practices is to stop consuming RED-RATED foods and share this information with others.


Cesspools of Shame

Learn about the extensive pollution caused by factory farms.

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Putting Meat on the Table

Get the truth about industrial farm animal production in the US.

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Nutrient Pollution: The Problem

Get a quick explanation of what it is and where it's from.

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Pollution (Water, Air, Chemicals)

Find out why animal agriculture is a primary driver.

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Stay Out of the Water

See how bad toxic algae blooms can get.

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Stay out of the Water: Toxic Algae Threatens People, Dogs

Get a closer look at the problem.

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Company Profile: Tyson Foods, Inc.

Find out how much this poultry giant pollutes.

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