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Building our diets around GREEN-RATED foods is the most effective way to keep our oceans healthy. Our complex ocean ecosystems are being devastated by commercial fishing practices like bottom trawling, long-lines, purse seines and gill nets. It is estimated that for every pound of targeted fish, up to five pounds of by-catch is killed and tossed overboard, including dolphins and sea turtles. 85% of the world's fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limits, primarily to feed people who have better options. While some fish is labeled "sustainable", the ocean is not in a position to give up any more of its life, no matter how it is harvested.


See what it means to be a hero of the sea.

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Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

Understand the impact of our actions on this ecosystem.

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Unsustainable Approach: Factory Fish Farming

Find out why fish farming is so bad for the ocean environment.

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Overfishing Leaves Swaths of Mediterranean Barren

Find out about the sad state of the fish in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Fishing Bans Create a Glimmer of Hope on the Great Barrier Reef

See how stopping fishing can help restore oceans.

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Ocean Acidification

Learn about the cycles that are worsening the problem.

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Grinding Nemo - a film about fish meal

Watch the true tale of how this product is made.

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