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Building our diets around GREEN-RATED foods is the most effective way to reverse desertification - a term that describes the process where fertile land turns into desert. The result is soil that is unfit for most forms of life, including both livestock and crops. The primary cause of desertification is deforestation from cattle ranching, but poor farming practices can also be a driver. As the demand for destructive animal products and crops grows with the human population, so does the global incidence of desertification.  The best way to save soil and forests is to stop consuming RED-RATED foods, especially beef, and share this information with others.



Learn about the problem and its causes.

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Get the facts on desertification and its roots in animal agriculture.

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The Cowboy and the Desertification of the West

Find out how ranchers use taxpayer dollars to suck the land dry.

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Saving the World With Livestock—the Savory approach examined

Read a comprehensive rebuttal of intensive animal agriculture claims.

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Overgrazing and Desertification

See how grazing livestock has turned grasslands to desert in Patagoinia.

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Eat more meat and save the world:... implausible farming miracle

Poke holes in the argument of a meating eating "environmentalist".

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The Myth of Sustainable Meat

Find out why arguments for sustainable grazing don't hold water.

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Allan Savory's 5 Big Lies - Debunked

Get an in-depth rebuttal of Allan Savory's holistic grazing claims.

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